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Try English Easy! It's fun!!!

Hi, my name is A. Mandy. I wrote a lesson for you to practice English.   This lesson is about 2 words: "Never and Ever".  Try it and have fun learning English!!!

 "Never" and "Ever"


Do you get confused by the English words ever and never?  Many Thai people do! Hopefully this will help you use these confusing words the right way:


Ever is often used in questions. For example, a person might ask you, Have you ever been to Phuket?  This means, have you been to Phuket, even just one time in your life? If you have been to Phuket, you can say Yes, I have been there.  Or even this: Yes, I went there once when I was a child.  Do not say, Yes, I have ever been there. The word ever is not needed in this sentence. In fact, its bad grammar!


Sometimes American Moms use the word ever when they are angry with their children. They might say, Dont EVER do that again!!!  That means, for the rest of your life, you should not do the bad thing that you did (call your sister a bad name, maybe?) again not even once! A good answer to Dont EVER do that again! would be OK, Mom. I promise I wont (will not) EVER do that again. That means that you will not do it again not even once! (Only say this if you mean it!!)


Now lets talk about never.  This word means not ever.  For example, someone might ask you, Have you ever been to Phuket? and if you have not been (even once) you can answer with No, Ive never been there. Sometimes you might want to say never instead of not ever. For example, if your mom says, Dont EVER do that again!  You can say, OK, Mom. I promise I will not EVER do that again, or you can say, OK, Mom. I promise I will NEVER do that again.  See the difference? In the second sentence, there is no not after will because never means not ever.  So, you dont need to have two nots in the sentence! (I will not never do that again is wrong.)


Now, you try to do it by yourself! Fill in each blank with the right word either ever or never.  Sometimes no extra word is needed at all!


1.      I have ___________ been to New York. I really want to go next year though!

2.      Have you ___________ been to New York? 

3.      Yes, I have _________  been to New York three times!

4.      I will _________ get to go to New York unless I save some money!

5.      Im afraid that I will not _________ save enough money. How sad!




Now, check your answers:

1.      never

2.      ever

3.      no word needed! (Did I trick you?)

4.      never

5.      ever (you cant use never because of the word not.)

Did you like the story?  Was it easy?  Write me an email about your experience: